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“If you’re a fan of authors such as

Tom Clancy, Stephen Hunter, Nelson De Ville, or W.E.B. Griffin, you might want to check W. F. Walsh,” Lowcountry TODAY

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DANNY WALSH, aka “Uncle Danny” along with Owney “The Killer” Madden and William “Big Bill” Dwyer ran an organized crime syndicate called the Big Seven, and nothing stood in their way. If something did, it was dealt with. Violence and payoffs were part of the game they played throughout prohibition making millions on illegal booze.

Al Capone ran Chicago. The North End Gang ran Boston. The Big Seven ran New York, New England and just about everything else. Tensions over territory and supply led to gang warfare as cash money continued to roll in. Everyone wanted a piece of the action no matter what the price.


This action-packed novel is based on three true characters and a snapshot of a violent era gone by. “Uncle Danny” is one family member you don’t mess with.


Enrique Vega is one of the most notorious drug kingpins in the world and controls a family whose powerbase spreads across Mexico, Central and South America. As the godfather is to the mafia, Vega is to the drug world. Cartel Este controls drug trafficking, money laundering, prostitution, and politicians. Vega is powerful and untouchable—or so he thought.


A joint drug task force of United States and Mexican authorities tracks his movements and strike at the throat of Cartel Este. Vega is arrested and flown to an American military jail to await trial.


A new drug war of revenge is unleashed! Special Agent Jake Stein of Homeland Security Investigations/ICE is back, and this time, he’s up against a life-and-death struggle. Cartel Este keeps turning up the heat and kidnaps a major Hollywood star on Oscar night to hold for ransom until Vega is returned or the actor will die.


Special agent in charge of the Miami field office, Homeland Security Investigations, Jake Stein is a fast burner within the ranks of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). The Brooklyn native has a history of solving cases involving drug smuggling, human trafficking, and more. He starts to hear some “noise” about possible terrorist movements in his AOR (area of responsibility).


Unknown to him, terrorists are planning to smuggle a nuclear device onto a cruise ship, sail it into Miami, and take out most of South Florida. Dino Tucci is a capo with the Battelli crime family in Rhode Island and unwittingly helps the terrorists carry out their mission. Now he’s fuming, wants revenge, and tries to stop another strike against his country.


The feds, the mob, and even a washed-up television actor are all trying to stop what could be the next 9/11 type of attack in this thrilling story of international terrorism and national security.

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